My name is Winnie Liau, and I am a freelance photographer, artist, designer, social butterfly and cat lover! I created Mynds Eye to provide professional photographic services customized for each client. My specialties include motorsports, children and adult portraits, special events, weddings, business head shots, commercial stock photography, digital retouching, and design services.

I am an experienced manager, designer, photographer, coach, artist, athlete, and above all, a versatile thinker. I have seen many different projects from ideation through to completion, and filled different roles along that process which has allowed me to be a well-rounded creative professional. My experience has also given me a strong background in creating proactive solutions to the different challenges each project brings.

I seek an opportunities to contribute and collaborate with an innovative team of passionate visionaries who not only can create the unexpected, but have a relentless drive for it. If you are looking for someone that has the drive to lead the market and not just follow it, please contact me at [email protected].

I invite you to preview my PortfolioI look forward to working with you.










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