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This is a small collection of my favorites from the CCS race weekend. Please email me with your event, bike#, model and color if you would like a gallery of your photos available for purchase. Prints and personal use 5mp digital files are available for ordering online by clicking on the image. For entire weekend downloads or larger digital files size availability, please contact me. For any editorial or commercial use of images, please email at [email protected]

For more information about Championship Cup Series (CCS) Motorcycle Road Racing, please visit

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CCS 05/24/2014 White PlateCCS 05/24/2014 Yellow PlateCCS 05/25/2014 White PlateCCS 05/25/2014 Yellow PlateCCS 05/26/2014 White PlateCCS 05/26/2014 Yellow Plate#2 DeFrancesco#4 Leong#15 Mayer#29#30#38 Hastings#79 Zylberberg#105 McConville#120 Seville#146 Tullock#163 Guyette#246 Hackett#618 Blackmon#623 Lash#808 Demetropolis#969 PaaschTOBC